Geaux Tigers!

1 Sep

Sorry that it took me so long to get a post up today but I wanted to wait until I had some epic pictures from the football game, which I hate to say, was less than thrilling although it was nice to finally get back into Tiger Stadium. My day started off a little rough as I missed my alarm and woke up to my friend close to breaking down my door to make sure that I was alive and kicking so that we could get in a little game day shopping before we started getting ready for the tailgating. Silly me forgot to bring anything purple or yellow when I packed for college so I was out of luck as far as an outfit went for the game but I found some stuff that worked out well. Breakfast this morning consisted of some yummy Special K and Almond milk but knowing that we’d be on the road for a while, I took an apple with me as well. We finished up our shopping with plenty of time to spare so when we arrived back at our apartments, I snuck in a quick workout. Unfortunately, LSU doesn’t open the UREC on game days, assuming that most people will be party from the break of dawn I guess so I was left to another apartment workout. I chose the BodyRock TV Sexy Legs Tight Booty workout (HERE) which KICKED MY BUTT. I broke a very serious sweat but it’s worth it if you stick with the whole thing. Definitely a better workout than I thought I was going to get. After my workout, I took a quick shower and started to get ready. All of my shopping paid off because I had the perfect amount of purple and gold (in my opinion) for a game against a no-name team.

Purple shorts, purple earrings and a yellow bow!

I honestly don’t know how some of the guys wear button up Polo shirts with khakis because it was humid today. The minute I stepped outside, I was counting down the minutes until I was somewhere air conditioned or the sun would start to set, which it did eventually. Once we got to the stadium, it definitely cooled down and even before then, looked like it was going to rain but fortunately, it held off.

Tailgaters with Memorial Tower in the background

(Fair warning, the rest of this post will contain a lot about football and few other topics, although there are some pretty awesome vids and pics!) Let me say that there are few places that have an atmosphere like Tiger Stadium. You could walk into the place alone and instantly make a ton of friends as long as you are wearing the right colors….wear the wrong colors and you’ll get called Tiger Bait. We arrived at the game about an hour early which leaves enough time to get great seats and see the entire pre-game show which, although it never changes, is just as exciting the hundredth time as it is the first. I couldn’t figure out how to upload the videos straight to this post, so I figured YouTube would be my best bet so here you go! This one is the bands pre-game show and this one is the team running out onto the field.

Watching the team warm up is pretty fun too. From our seats, you can really see how BIG some of the players are. I stood next to our quarter back the first day that I was back at school while I was in the bookstore and I’m pretty sure he could squish me…definitely a big guy and he’s not even on defense! We ended up winning the game 41-14! It’s definitely good to start off the season 1 – 0. But, without further ado, here as a sampling of pics from the game! Hope you enjoy!

Beyond that, I don’t have much else to say today although I would like to say thank you to the people who are already following my blog! Two people on my first day which is more than I was expecting in the first month so thank you all a ton! Keep spreading the word 🙂


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