Critter Wrangler

4 Sep

Good morning sunshines! I hope everyone is having a great morning and starting off their (hopefully) short week with a bang. I woke up early this morning to start getting ready for my 7:30 Organic class only to find that, to my surprise, a huge cockroach had broken into our apartment at some point and decided to take up residence in my room. I was mid-face washing when I happened to look up and see the enormous guy on the wall about our bathroom. I tried not to scream but I had honestly never seen one that big. I was planning on leaving it alone and finishing up my morning routine when it started to move towards me, at which point I tried to jump on the counter and then realized that it was coming in my direction. I grabbed everything that I needed, ran out of the bathroom and quickly grabbed a towel to put in front of the door gap in the hopes that it wouldn’t escape and break into my room while I was in class this morning (fingers crossed). I didn’t want the roommate that I share a bathroom with to be awoken with the same surprise so before I left, I wrote her a note and stuck it on the bathroom door, hoping that she would either be able to get the thing out of there or maybe find someone who could. When I returned back from my classes, I didn’t see my roommate around but when I went into the bathroom, after carefully looking around, I didn’t see the roach although the last time I saw him, he was crawling behind our mirror so maybe he is still here. Either way, I know that every time I go into our bathroom for a while I will be checked thoroughly for the little critter.

This is the note I left for my roomie hoping she would know what to do (and yes, that drawing is almost actual size)

Before I talk much more about today, let me flash back to yesterday when I was so busy that I didn’t get to put a post up. I was really antsy yesterday so I ended up going for two longer runs around University Lake which is absolutely gorgeous. The day started out early, around 6 AM when I naturally woke up and I was out the door for my first run by 7AM. One thing I can say for sure is that it was hot hot HOT. I figured being up early would help me avoid the heat but apparently that trick, which usually works back home in Massachusetts isn’t the same. It was humid and early close to 90° which may not be back for people who live in Louisiana all the time but for a New Englander who is use to that weather, it’s brutal. Hopefully I’ll get use to it soon though. I knew the minute I stepped out of my car that I wasn’t going to be up for a full run around the lakes so I opted for an interval run with 1:00 runs and 1:30 walks. I should also add that I haven’t done much distance running since I worked at the summer camp this summer. Before that, I was regularly running 3-4 miles a day but long story short, sprained my ankle before camp which knocked me off my running schedule. I had a hard time getting back into it at camp because there wasn’t a good distance run around so I am now starting again.

The early bird catches the worm!

Anyways, our lake run is absolutely gorgeous. For the first part, you are just running along this path between a canal and the lake but once you turn the next turn, you are on Sorority Row which is lines with huge and absolutely beautiful houses. After that, you run around another part of the lake that goes along Dalrymple Dr. and turns into a residential neighborhood of mansions. The final stretch is pretty lame because there are things that block your view of the lake but the rest of the run makes up for it. Even though it was so hot, it was nice if only because there weren’t many people out on the trail like there usually are as it’s one of the most popular places to run around LSU. I passed about ten people my entire hour running and it was great. I ended up finishing my first run in 44:59 and ran a total of 3.54 miles.

View from the neighborhood and my RunKeeper tracker

For my second run, which happened around 10:30, I was joined by my friend Austin who mentioned that he wanted to start running with me and seeing as how I was a ball of energy last night, I suggested that we go for another one. We started at a different point and ran an extra part for a total of 4.6 miles in 1:07:05. It was nice to run with someone else for a change and was surprisingly nice to run without music. I still brought my iPhone just in case of emergency and to track the distance but as far as sounds, it was relaxing running to the sounds of the lake, although the frogs can be a bit loud for my taste. Austin hung in there for the whole distance and we switched off running and walking whenever he needed but I think he even impressed himself with how well he did on his first distance run.

Run #2 Tracker

As for today, it’s been nothing but classes and errands although I did get a few packages in the mail which was exciting! They were actually from last year but because I left to go home a month into the semester, I only got to pick them up today which was a fun way to start my day. My dad had sent me a bunch of stuff from home that I always have a hard time finding here from Arnold Palmer products to clams to make clam dip with which was beyond exciting. I also remembered that I had ordered myself a bottle of Burberry Brit and a refurbished Blackberry when my last phone died so those were two other exciting finds.

Surprises in the mail!

Last but not least, I will leave you with this silly picture that I took yesterday when I walked over to a friends apartment in my complex. Apparently, this person thought it was more convenient to lock his bike in a tree than in one of the numerous bike racks. According to a friend of mine, he also likes to try out different trees! Let’s see where else I can find this bike over campus. I hope you all have an amazing rest of the day and SMILE! It’s already Tuesday which means it’s almost Friday again!

Extreme biking perhaps?


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    • nicmcken September 5, 2012 at 4:36 pm #

      I will definitely check it out but I actually don’t have many followers myself so I can’t help you out much there. Sorry lol

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