Lady Luck

14 Jan

Happy Monday everyone! I hope you all had a wonderful weekend! Mom and I took advantage of her rare weekend off to finally celebrate our December birthdays with a trip down to Mystic, Connecticut. I had been to this quiet seaside town when I was younger to visit their aquarium but hadn’t been back since. Friday night, after Mom got home from work, we drove down and grabbed some dinner before settling in for the night. She had quiet a weekend planned for us.


Mom and I are definitely not shoppers but when there are outlet malls around, we usually stop in to see if there is anything that peaks our interest. With two near our hotel, we spent Saturday morning strolling around checking out stores and sales. Although I didn’t find much aside from a few pairs of running shorts at the Nike outlet, Mom found a pair of new running shoes. I was a little shocked when she picked them up because my mom doesn’t usually tend to pick bright colors but she instantly fell in love with a pair of highlighter pink and yellow Nikes that only cost $40. Who could have turned that down, right?


Although we didn’t find many other things at the stores, Mom and I had a great time catching up and trying on silly things that we found around stores. She even convinced me to climb into one of those toy cars that you can put change in to ride so she could take a picture. She said she always use to make my brother and I take a picture on those rides when we were younger in exchange for letting us go on the ride. We have about a million of these pictures in our photo albums.


While walking in between stores and shopping areas, Mom and I also had a chance to check out a few of the boats that were placed around the malls. It was fun to check them out because we didn’t get a chance to see any while we were by the water. It was so foggy and rainy that you could hardly see more than a few feet out from where you were standing.



After a few hours, Mom and I decided that we had finally had enough of shopping and trying on silly clothes so we headed back to the hotel to grab a bite to eat. We ordered room service while we were getting ready to go over to the casino and chowed down on cheeseburgers. Who knew that shopping could tire you out so much?


and the Casino!

Mom and I arrive at Foxwoods just in time as we narrowly avoided some rain on the way it. I had no idea how big the casino would be but I was certainly impressed. Once we figured out where things were, Mom and I sat down at some penny slot machines to play for a bit before going to the Atrium for drinks. (sadly, all of the lights on the machines made my picture blurry!)


We wandered back and forth between the Atrium and the machines for a few hours before decided we were hungry again and grabbing Chinese food. It hit the spot after hours of walking what felt like miles around the casino. Mom and I split and appetizer and some lo mein before heading back to our hotel where were in bed by 1 AM. Quite the party animals right?


As for Sunday….well that post will have to wait until tomorrow or else this post would go on for ages! Be sure to check in tomorrow for the second half of this story. Can’t wait? Here’s a hint!


Have a great rest of your day!

  • Have you ever been to a casino? Was lady luck on your side?

P.S. The Fashion Page was updated!


2 Responses to “Lady Luck”

  1. sofitsogreen January 14, 2013 at 7:25 pm #

    Love those sneaks! Every runner I see lately has bright kicks and I feel like I need to go up a level with mine haha.
    Casinos are fun…for a few hours. Then you are either sad because you lost all of your money or are about to lose all of your money. But ONCE I made $40 on the penny machines…. that’s like the equivalent of $400,000 on a dollar machine lol
    Love the blog! Can’t wait to read more!


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    […] Good morning! As I said yesterday, here’s the second part to my weekend adventure with Mom. If you missed the first part, you can find it HERE. […]

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