One Ingredient Ice Cream

18 Jan

As I was on Pinterest the other day browsing healthy food recipes, I keep coming across recipes for one ingredient ice cream. In my experience, this doesn’t exist. I am a big ice cream lover and even went so far as to ask my parents for an L.L. Bean Ice Cream ball for one of my birthdays so I could make my own ice cream. It was wonderful.


Since trying to clean up my diet though, I’ve been avoiding ice cream like the plague. (Fun fact: I am a HUGE B & J Chunky Monkey fan) With the exception of one day at school when a friend needed some crying and ice cream time, I haven’t touched a pint in ages. I had people suggest trying frozen greek yogurt as a replacement but I’m not a fan of regular greek yogurt so I passed.

Enter one ingredient ice cream. Basically, after freezing bananas, you put them in a food processor or blender until the reach a smooth consistency. After that, you can add basically whatever flavors you want. According to a lot of other bloggers, you can add any other fruit such as blueberries or blackberries and their flavor covers up that of the bananas. Unfortunately, I didn’t exactly take the time to read the instructions so instead of freezing the bananas first, I blended them and then put them in the freezer. The ice cream was a bit hard to get out of the bowl but after a few 15 second rounds in the microwave, it scooped like regular ice cream.

2013-01-16 23.05.34

I added a bit of organic almond butter on top as well as a few salted almonds. Just as I was finishing putting everything together, my dad walked in and asked if he could have a bite of ice cream, not realizing that it wasn’t actually ice cream. He absolutely loved it! He said that he would grab a few bundles of bananas on his way home so I can show him how to make some too!

  • Would you ever try out this “ice cream”? What flavor would you make yours?
  • Have you found any other healthy substitutions for unhealthy cravings? Post them in the comments!

One Response to “One Ingredient Ice Cream”

  1. purityin365days January 29, 2013 at 10:21 pm #

    Fantastic blog! Found you in the Lorna Jane “Introduce Yourself” section! My go-to for sweet cravings is Vanilla Black Tea, it is delicious! Can be found in Organic Shops and speciality tea centres or stores. Other than that, I put vanilla yoghurt and raspberry puree into an ice-cream maker and whip it up- so good, and with nothing naughty.

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