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Study Break!

13 Sep

I honestly can’t believe I have been able to go this long without writing a real post and I feel like after writing this one, I never will again. I figure while I cook up some dinner, I might as well take a much needed (and hopefully deserved) study break! I have so much to talk about so get ready for a long-ish post. The past week or so has been hectic as a prepare for a serious run of exams and catch up with homework but in between the mayhem, I made time for  fun and adventures.

First stop for my adventurous weekend was to the Farmers Market that they have every weekend in downtown Baton Rouge. I had heard about it my freshman year when I was here at LSU but didn’t have a car so there was just no getting there. Then, in the month that I was here, I was so tired and worn down that I hardly ever went off campus but this year, it happened. A friend of mine had mentioned two weeks ago that he wanted to go and although we ended up missing it that weekend, we were both up early enough to make it this time. We drove to downtown which, being from outside Boston, is a huge difference. In Boston, it’s easy to lose your way because of all the tall buildings that leave you with few landmarks but in BR, there are only a few tall buildings and it’s a far cry from the hustle and bustle of Boston.

Farmers Market

Once we got to the market, we took a quick look over all the booths before going back and stopping at the ones that had caught our interest. Although there were a few that I wanted to stop at, I didn’t bring cash with me knowing that if I did, I would end up coming home with tons of items that I didn’t need. We stopped at a few of the cheese stands which my friend enjoyed and he picked up a few goat cheeses to try out which he said were amazing. There were also a ton of bread, meat and dessert places that were definitely calling my name. I’ve officially learned my lesson and next time will be bringing some money with my so that I won’t just have to torture myself by looking at all of the scrumptious items for sale. In addition to all of the food items, they also had some live music which was awesome. Basically, if you’re in the Baton Rouge area, you should definitely hit up the market!

Some of the vendor stands

The next adventure was definitely one that I wasn’t expecting to find in Baton Rouge. The same friend that I went to the farmers market with sometimes goes running with my and I had mentioned how back home, I found a park with trails that I absolutely love to run at. I even got Chris to go there with me for a run! He then proceeded to ask me if I knew that Baton Rouge had a swamp in the middle of it which had trails all around that you could hike. I honestly had no idea being that the area of Baton Rouge where we live is largely structured around the college. Come Sunday morning, we are up and ready to head over to the Bluebonnet Swamp and hike a few trails. We arrived at the park and started off on our adventures which ended up being a ton of fun. The trails were a lot flatter than I am use to, being that Massachusetts has hills everywhere but it was very cool to find the wilderness in the middle of a city. Although we didn’t get to see any alligators, which I was VERY much hoping to see, we saw some other wildlife that was definitely new to me….and some of which proceeded to scare me half to death but I managed to make it through all of the trails without getting eaten by anything. You can see the pictures from that trip here. Unfortunately, I couldn’t get the slideshow to upload on here.

Turtles hanging out on a log at the swamps

Aside from those adventures, it has been a lot of school work. Because of Hurricane Isaac, a good majority of my tests got pushed back and now I have one every school day until next Wednesday although one is already out of the way. I had my Calc II exam this morning and I’m pretty sure I aced it seeing as how I though it would take me the entire hour and I was done relatively early. As always though, I stayed longer to check over anything and ended up using the whole hour anyways. I’m planning on spending the rest of tonight studying for my Oceanography test tomorrow and hopefully getting a goodnights sleep so that I will be ready to go when the actual test comes around tomorrow afternoon. Wish me luck! I hope you all have a great rest of the night and an amazing Friday! Get ready because it’s almost the weekend!

P.S. Funny story. I had to have blood drawn today and although it didn’t go as smoothly as I had hoped, I survived. In fact, I went through the entire process without even shedding a tear which is a first for me. I have officially reached Big Girl status…..or so I thought. The bandaids that they gave me at the health center were really itchy and as I was driving to Walmart, I remember that I had some Hello Kitty ones in my car that I wasn’t allergic to so I replaced the shiny disco ball bandaids with the pretty pink ones. Long story short, as I was standing in line at Walmart, the woman noticed that I had the Hello Kitty bandaids on and said it was strange that they gave a grown up those bandaids. At that point, and awkwardly, I might add, I had to admit that I had in fact bought the bandaids myself at which point she laughed hysterically. If nothing else, I made at least one person smile today and that is more than enough for me!

They are just too cute!


First Post!

31 Aug

Well hello there! I’m very excited to be writing my first post on this journey to a new and healthier lifestyle! If you’ve read my about me, then you know why I started this blog so I’ll just jump right in to how my day went!

After having three days off due to Hurricane Isaac running things in the south for most of this week, it was honestly hard to get out of bed this morning but classes were calling my name. For breakfast, I had a bowl of applesauce which is the norm for me. It satisfies my sweet tooth without being bad for me. On my way out the door, I also grabbed some cold cut turkey that I had portioned out to snack on just in case I got a little hungry between my four classes for the day. Fortunately for me, my third class was cancelled so I had more than enough time to grab lunch with my friend Nick at the Union. There are few healthy options there so we opted for the Food to Geaux area where you can build your own salad. Mine ended up having spinach, chicken, mushrooms, green peppers and sliced almonds on it with a bit of honey mustard dressing…my favorite!

Salad from Lunch

After lunch, I went to my last class which, luckily (again), got out early! I unfortunately left the building to find that there was apparently an unexpected monsoon hitting Baton Rouge so I trudged home sans umbrella. If nothing else, it was quite humorous and I bonded with a lot of people who were in a similar situation to myself. Who couldn’t laugh at being COMPLETELY drenched with absolutely nothing to do about it.

Guess who forgot her umbrella!

My roommate was very confused as to what had happened to our bathroom but I once she saw all my clothes hanging up in the shower, she completely understood. Seeing as how I was already changed and didn’t feel like heading over to the UREC (University Rec…I will use that acronym a lot), I decided to do a home workout from Tone It Up that I had modified a bit. Their workout (HERE) is similar to mine but I added a bit of a butt workout at the end so that it looks like this:

First time using Picasa to make a workout sheet!

Also, I should note that I did the run in place which, honestly, if you work hard, will make you work up a pretty serious sweat. I was drenched by the time I finished and was happy with my workout. I sometimes find that when I’m not actually at the gym, I don’t workout as hard but that wasn’t a problem today…see?

See that sweat….according to Pinterest, that’s sweat crying

Anyways, that is all for today’s post. I have a million errands and homework that are calling my name and that I can’t put off any longer. So long for now and have a wonderful rest of the day!